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Game Tournament with Airly Momoco

The adorable Airly Momoco is back, and this time she’s joining us in our HYPER Street Live area as an MC…. and leader of a game tournament! With gorgeous lolita style dresses and a charismatic personality, her performances in previous HYPER JAPANs were met with great success and she’s back this year to lead everyone in exciting rounds of “Jan ken pon,” otherwise know as “rock paper scissors,” and more.

And what’s more? There will be prizes…!!!

Find her at the HYPER Street Live Area at the following times:

  • Friday 14th : 10:45~11:15, 14:15~14:45, 18:45~20:00
  • Saturday 15th: 10:00~11:15, 16:00~16:30
  • Sunday 16th:  10:30~11:00, 12:45~13:15, 14:45~15:15


First rising to fame as a 12th generation Mini-Suka Police member, airly momoco launched a successful gravure career which quickly paved the way for a busy schedule as a television personality. In 2006, she realised her childhood dream of becoming a singer, where she found success on the French music channel “nolife”. Airly momoco currently divides her time between between Japan and Europe, where she tours across Europe from her base in France.