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Gaming Area Titles Announced!

game1Perennial favourite Heart of Gaming is back with their fabulous lineup of retro arcade and console games. Get your fix of everything from from classics like Street Fighter, to 90s darling Dance Dance Revolution, or take on your friends with the wiiU version of Super Smash Bros.!

New to our gaming area this year is NIS America, coming in with a bang and a massive game demo area! Attendees of this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market will enjoy the rare chance to play the following four demo titles on PS4!



Grand Kingdom
: This tactical RPG boasts loads of complex mechanics for a deep immersion experience. (PS4 and PSVita)



Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: A polished, HD remake of the original PS2 version, this 2D side-scrolling RPG is kind to beginners. (PS4, PS3, and PSVita.)


Tohou’s Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet: This stylish game is a mash-up of the bullet hell and 1v1 fighting genres. (PS4)


Tohou’s Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness: A visual novel-style game from the hit manga/anime! (PS4, PSVita, and Steam) This game will have its own area just off of the main HoG courtyard.


Giveaway games:

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market attendees can look forward to a LOAD of giveaways, including NIS titles from the PS4, PSVita, and Nintendo 3DS product range. These will be given as prizes, either for Heart of Gaming-hosted tournaments or as prizes for HoG raffles.

Tournaments: Heart of Gaming will be holding Street Fighter, Dance Dance Revolution, and Super Smash Bros mini-tournaments on both the Saturday and Sunday sessions! Compete for your chance to win a copy of one of NIS’s titles! Full tournament details can be found on the HoG Facebook page.

Raffles: Simply fill in the form with your details. Multiple prize draws will be held during each session, and winners will be announced via the HoG Facebook and Twitter.


NIS America, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. of Japan, focusing on  localization, marketing, and publishing of Nippon Ichi titles. An international company focused on creating innovative video game products, NIS works hard to bring exciting new titles to satisfy both fans and new users.

Heart of Gaming has been described as “the UK’s closest thing to a real Japanese Game Center.” While it is temporarily without a physical outpost, HoG is looking forward to moving in to its new location in March of next year.