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Get Even More Miku with Bandai’s Hako Vision!


As if our unofficial Hatsune Miku show and Heart of Gaming bringing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2 wasn’t enough, Vocaloid fans have even more to look forward to at our Christmas Market with our exhibitors Something Kawaii bringing Bandai Japan’s new Hako Vision to the UK!

hv4Hakovision is an award winning projection mapping technology displaying three-dimensional images in empty spaces by Bandai Japan. The Hatsune Miku version of this product will be available to buy at Hyper Japan from Something kawaii who are the exclusive retailer for this product by Bandai UK.

Each Hako Vision Hatsune Miku come with two songs. and there are also two different bromide cards and a pamphlet to collect. If you are a big fan of Hatsune Miku then you can have your own Hatsune Miku concert in the palm of your hand.

Setting up the product is very straight forward. Once you opened the box and setup the clear plate and the card , just scan the QR code on the box and the video will start to play. Place the smartphone upside down on the box and just enjoy the virtual 3D experience.