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Get Ready to Rumble with DRAGON GATE!


A possibly lesser-known fact about Japan is that there has been a very active professional wrestling circuit there for many decades. The Japanese pro wrestling scene is so exciting that many foreign wrestlers go there to make their name, and it’s arguably the birthplace of what has become modern MMA.

Dragon Gate has exploded in popularity, growing from its Japanese roots to become a worldwide brand, including an active UK presence! Their stable of larger-than-life wrestlers includes multiple time world champion CIMA, current World Heavyweight Champion “Battleship” Yamato!, the master of the Double Moonsault Ricochet and the Masked High Flyer Lion Kid.

Dragon Gate have an action-packed two days of events running on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of July. Don’t worry, they start in the evening so there’s plenty of time to enjoy HYPER JAPAN before heading out to see the best in Japanese Wrestling!