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Kawaii Wool Handicraft from Kyoto! HAMANAKA

Create your own Kawaii wool handicraft!

Meals, clothes, furniture… We live in a world in which we do not really need to create everything by hand ourselves.
But handmade crafts can make you creative, warm and happy!
Let’s start creating with HAMANAKA’s wool this Winter!

HAMANAKA is a wool manufacturer who is committed to the domestic production in Japan.
Their high quality, made-in-Japan yarns and felt wool surely provide you the “joy of craft”.


Are you interested in making this cute little cat, but have no confidence?
Don’t worry! HAMANAKA provides knitting and felting kits for you to start with, which are great for people of all age!
These felting kits are especially the good for children to help nurture their creativity.

If you need more support, Mana-chan and Yu-kun can help you 🙂

Yu-kun (black-and-white cat on the left) taught the joy of handicraft.
Mana-chan (white cat on right) is born in a mountain of Kyoto to lead you to the handcraft life.

You can read more story of Mana-chan and Yu-kun in HAMANAKA’s website.

* The booth will be supported by
“Sweet Pea Dolls” the Hamanaka Ambassador in UK.
You can order from their webshop as well!

You can find many other knitting and felting goods as well! Enjoy!