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One-off Special!! Scenic train ride around Tokyo aboard the luxury liner “Hana”

Going to Japan is all about getting to experience those special experiences that most only dream about. On Sunday, 19 January, a very special train tour will take place in Tokyo where a very select few customers will be able to board the luxury cruise train “Hana” (華) for a 350km scenic train tour around Tokyo! Organised by Hankyu Travel, this tour will take place over the course of 8 hours and will run on tracks normally off-limits to passenger trains. Getting to see Tokyo from unusual places is sure to please the tourist in you!

Passengers will enjoy a complimentary luxury bento lunch, drinks and a souvenir programme. Tickets will cost 22,000 JPY and the tour will depart from Shinjuku station at 9:03AM and arrive in Shinagawa station at 5:49PM.

Source: PR Times
[Original article in Japanese]