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Heisei Kotohime


If you’re into adorable, colour co-ordinated J-pop idols, yet also have affection for traditional Japanese music and fashion, then Heisei Kotohime might just be your go-to band at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival. Idol trio Satsuki Miyu, Kato Yui and Momoya Mami are known for playing modern versions of the koto (a traditional Japanese stringed instrument), whilst also singing and dancing in colourful kimono during their live performances. They first performed at a live house in Akihabara in 2012, and since then they have attracted a considerable fan following who call themselves the ‘Eihei’ (guardsmen who protect royal family members, including ‘hime’ or ‘princesses’). To date they have recorded 3 singles (Melody, Darkness ~ Dark side of the Heart and Girl’s Revolution), but we’ll be expecting much more from these peppy and talented girls in years to come!

Join them at our HYPER Live stage in the summer to see a skilled fusion of modern J-Pop beats with traditional instruments and aesthetics. As a special treat, they’ve recorded a video message for our HYPER JAPAN fans, so please view it below!