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Helen McCarthy’s “A Brief History of Manga”


Author and anime/manga expert Helen McCarthy will be attending HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, and she’s bringing an ideal Christmas present with her; her latest book, “A Brief History of Manga”!


A Brief History of Manga is the only concise book of its kind to provide a snapshot of the past years of this sequential art form. Filled with anecdotes, quotes, facts and figures, the title gives any manga fan a host of new areas to explore. Containing everything you need to know, from Akira to Mazinger Z , it is fully illustrated with colour examples of manga and photos of the creators behind them. It also has a quick reference timeline running throughout, featuring key publication dates, historical events and the births and deaths of the biggest names in manga art. Written by one of the West’s most renowned and respected anime and manga experts, this book is an authoritative and essential guide; a crash course on the world’s most prevalent and popular art form.

Helen will be at our Christmas Market on Friday evening to both sign and discuss her book!