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HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016, Day 2!

Saturday’s two sessions have been an amazing day of J-culture fun and excitement, with visitors revelling in the “matsuri” festival atmosphere! Check out some of the highlights below:


Our J-Style Fashion show was an incredible mixture of Japanese-themed Harajuku-inspired looks, including Fairy Kei, Lolita, and more! Plus, Less Than Love’s Yucha was a special guest, showing off a cool new look of her own!

Speaking of strutting onstage, our COSParade featured dozens of cosplayers showing off an array of lovingly-crafted costumes from all walks of pop culture! The special prize draw for a RICOH Theta camera was just the icing on the cake for the participants, who got to enjoy the audience’s adulation.

Sticking with the world of Japanese pop culture, Mangajuku taught special classes to participants who’d never normally have the opportunity to learn with the authentic Manga drawing tools on offer. Each student also gets to take home their own set including a G-pen and brush pen, so they can keep developing their skills at home. If you have an interest in drawing, even if it’s not manga-style, the pen techniques they teach are worth adding to your repertoire!

Our Sake Experience naturally delighted participants all day long, but that was just part of the smorgasbord of EAT-JAPAN goodies on offer. Japanese street foods, traditional “wagashi” style sweets, more sushi and sashimi than one can shake a stick at… That’s before getting into the saccharine excitement of the Tofu Cute Candy Festival! Suffice to say, our visitors have enjoyed their fill of Japanese foods no matter what their tastes, and you can too! We’re already more than halfway through this year’s HYPER JAPAN Festival, but there’s still time to come and join in the fun tomorrow.