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Hibiki Ichikawa, shamisen maestro

Experience master shamisen player Hibiki Ichikawa at the HYPER JAPAN Festival this July. The strong sounds of Hibiki’s three-stringed tsugaru shamisen are the sounds of the old country of Japan, a tug on the heartstrings to start planning your next visit to Japan. Some of Hibiki’s students will be joining him on stage for a stunning ensemble of music, an event truly not to be missed.

PROFILE: Hibiki Ichikawa
Hibiki Ichikawa is the UK’s only professional player of the tsugaru shamisen; a traditional 3-stringed instrument played using a large pick called a bachi. In recognition of his great skill, he has been qualified to perform under a “Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa”, which is granted only to the most proficient artists.