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Shamisen, Hibiki Ichikawa, teams up with DJ TAKAKI!

We announced xiè, a collaboration of Japanese traditional poetry chanting and electric music, about a month ago. And now we are thrilled to announce another fusion artist! This time between Japanese shamisen playing and a DJ! Hibiki Ichikawa playing the shamisen and DJ Takaki!

If you are a HYPER JAPAN fan, then you must have seen Hibiki perform before. His sensitive but strong sound created from this three stringed instrument attracted many from the HYPER JAPAN audience.

Now, his shamisen has met its match in a world class DJ! DJ Takaki was a finalist on DMC World DJ Championships only after one year of DJing. Since then, his powerful and innovative sound and performance has caught the attention of not only Japanese but music lovers all over the world!

Check out this unique combination of two completely different music cultures and be amazed as they tear down the stage!


– Hibiki Ichikawa

Hibiki Ichikawa is the only professional player of tsugaru shamisen; a traditional 3-stringed instrument played using a large pick called a bachi. In recognition of his great skill, he has been qualified to perform under a “Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa”, which is granted only to the most proficient artists. Hibiki frequently performs at festivals and formal occasions, including the Japan Matsuri in Trafalgar Square, and at the Japanese Emperor’s birthday celebrations at the Japanese Embassy, and has also participated in a theatre production at the Edinburgh Festival and Oscar Nominee Animation Film ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’.


DJ TAKAKI is without a doubt one of the rarest and innovative future electronic artist from Japan. As a world-class DJ, turntablist and a music producer from Tokyo, he effortlessly crosses over Techno, House, Drum & Bass, and Electronic music. DJ TAKAKI has become one of the most skilled festival performers of Japan with his aggressive and cutting-edge skills. After becoming a finalist at the “DMC”, the world’s biggest turntable competition at the age of 16, he has continued to impress his audience with his scratching and beat juggling skills which gained commercial attention such as FIFA World Cup.

24th(Fri) Nov 17:00

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