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HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015, Day 1!

Friday’s session kicked off the smorgasbord of Japanese food, shopping, music and entertainment that visitors have come to expect from a HYPER JAPAN events!

The Eat-Japan Sake Cocktail Awards 2015 saw its first day of mixing magic with three talented mixologists. At the counter were Enrique Gomez of Sticks’N’Sushi, James Hawkins of Matsuri St. James’s, and Salvatore Maggio of The Westbury Hotel. Their sake cocktail creations dazzled visitors with their innovative combinations and ingredients. With such a strong showing on just the first of the three Sake Cocktail sessions, it’ll be interesting to see what Saturday and Sunday will produce.


The Ukiyo-e Heros & Mokuhankan Woodblock Print Workshop presented a rare opportunity for fans of Japan to learn about the ancient art of woodblock printing. Workshop participants not only learned about ukiyo-e but hand-printed their own woodblock prints. Speaking of workshops, the Creative Studio workshops also gave visitors crash-courses in origami gift-wrapping, hakata-style tonkotsu ramen, and decorative macarons.


This time around our vendors have pulled out all the stops in assembling a plethora of shopping experiences, including but most definitely not limited to the traditional selection of the MIYABI gallery and the clearly non-traditional (but really cute) alpaca and hamster plushies. With both extremes of the gift spectrum covered, and with dozens more vendors filling in the gaps in between… those looking to pick up that perfect Japanese gift for the holidays, come prepared and ready to hit the ground running!

We just can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to bring! Speaking of Saturday, Saturday First session tickets are still available as of this writing; We don’t want to have to turn people away at the door, so get them while they last! We don’t want to have to turn anybody away when many of our great guests will be returning, and all the same delicious food, amazing shopping and more will be there for your enjoyment.