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HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016, Day 1!

Japanese food, shopping, music and entertainment are all vital parts of HYPER JAPAN events, and today’s events were no exception!

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016, Day 1!

Nintendo once again brought a huge selection of playable games to our Anime & Game Park, and their special stage hosted events such as their “Which Yo-Kai is it Anyway?” quiz and demonstrations of games like Monster Hunter Generations and The Legend of Zelda – The Breath of the Wild! With fan-made Super Mario Maker levels being played for the audience, plus a Yo-Kai Watch art contest’s entrants on display and a Fire Emblem cosplay contest on Sunday, it’s a really interactive experience for game fans!

Our HYPER Live stage was full of exciting acts, from singers like Azumi Inoue and Yuyu, who wowed our crowds with classic Studio Ghibli themes, through to the electro-rap beats of, Broken Doll’s Kawaii Pop-Punk, and more. Not just musicians: We had dancer BANG showing off his moves as well! All of the acts mentioned will be returning tomorrow and Sunday.

Of course, part of the HYPER JAPAN experience is getting hands-on with Japanese culture in a way you can’t otherwise, and our Creative Studio delivered on that promise. From the ubiquitous paper-folding art of origami, to washi-bead bracelet making, otedama beanbag creation, kokeshi doll painting and putting unique Japanese-style stamp art on one’s own custom tote bag, participants were given the opportunity to indulge in authentic Japanese craft activities. Meanwhile, Mangajuku taught special classes to participants who’d never normally have the opportunity to learn with the authentic Manga drawing tools on offer, which they got to take away so they can keep developing their skills at home.

If you weren’t here today and missed out on all the HYPER JAPAN Festival fun, come and join us this weekend!