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Flashback: HYPER J-Style Collection Fashion Show Summer 2018 (Saturday)

The HYPER J-Style Collection Fashion Show from the Summer 2018 event took place on the Saturday morning session and featured a stylish lineup of Japanese and Japan-inspired fashion!
A handmade dress inspired by fairy-kei fashion!

A galactic look inspired by all things cyber-kawaii!

A living doll (Dolly-kei) model with a yume-kei outfit!

Menhera fashion x2!

Hime-gyaru pairing Liz Lisa with a princess hairstyle

Pastel Harajuku fashion with a smile

Inspired by kawaii and pastel things!!

A dreamy and fluffy outfit

Clashing colours never looked so good!

Rainbows all over

Cute prints and pastel colours!

Vintage My Little Pony fabric re-purposed for a handmade fairy-kei outfit!

A pastel My Little Pony-themed outfit!

A handmade My Melody dress!

Her classic trademark pink sweet-lolita style

Angelic Pretty strawberry print dress

On point makeup inspired by Starred Freckles

Comfy and casual yami-kawaii outfit

“Black Gothic aesthetic with dark makeup with crazy hair”

A Gothic-inspired Madonna Cross Jumper Skirt

A Mona-Lisa style look

Punk Wa Lolita

Casual visual-kei inspired by Diaura vocalist Yoka

A big Thank You to all our models!!!