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Honey Spice, fast-paced idols of ‘trance’ music!


For all of you who are wondering how to really add some “hyper” into your HYPER JAPAN weekend, Honey Spice would be an excellent place to start! These energetic lasses just so happen to be the world’s first ‘trance’ music idol group, and will be showing off their quick-tempo electro beats at our HYPER JAPAN Festival in their very first overseas performance.


Honey Spice first made its debut as an idol unit in 2012, and is currently made up of 5 female members. Arika Tachibana (red) was the first to join, and is a well-known idol and model outside of Honey Spice, having won a special prize in the Miss World pageant in 2014. Saki Sugaya (yellow) joined in 2014, with Yuna Yamashita, Honoka Hirano and Saori Ito following up in 2015. So far they have released 4 singles, “Jump!!!!”, “Sunflower”, “Happy” and “Love Emergency”, and have performed at concert venues from Tohoku in the north of Japan, all the way down to the tropical southern Okinawa islands.


Their songs are, above all, extremely hyperactive. It’s the sort of music that would get even the most expert dance machine enthusiast sweating buckets and tripping over their own feet in a frantic effort to keep up. Indeed, Honey Spice prides itself on being the first idol group to specialise in this so-called ‘trance’ music: a genre of electronic dance pop characterised by its tempo of between 125 to 145 beats per minute. The word ‘trance’ refers to the hypnotic way in which the musical layers are blended together, forming repetitive sections of build-up, climax and releases. In short, this is powerful stuff that will get you jumping up and down on the dance floor, waving fistfuls of glow sticks like a lunatic!


Watch the video below to see what all the hype’s about, and make sure you go along to cheer on these ladies and help them in their genki efforts! (Dancing around this fast for multiple songs on end isn’t easy you know…)