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Hop Step Sing! A VR Idol Concert Just for You

Hop Step Sing! Is a VR idol unit project by Kodansha made up of three adorable girls.
In this VR experience, Niina Nijikawa, Shikiri Shiishiba, and Mikasa Minowa will perform a concert just for you! With changeable backgrounds, you can experience the kind of concert that’s only possible in VR.

Niina is a bright and lively girl who loves to sing and, after starting part-time work in a small karaoke place, becomes a store idol. Mikasa is a famous internet idol who loves the spotlight, but is a spoilt shut-in. Shikiri works with Niina at the karaoke place and as a store idol and is the most put-together of the three, often worrying about the others.
Wondering what kind of music and performance to expect from these three idol girls?
You can check out the music videos for their first two songs below – both of which can be viewed in 360º!
Hop Step Sing! “Kisekiteki Shining!” VR Music Video

Hop Step Sing! “kiss × kiss × kiss” VR Music Video

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