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HYPER FRINGE highlights: Shiitake

cute gothloli kawaii bishoujo

We’d like to show off some more of the amazing talent that our HYPER FRINGE MARKET is attracting! Taking her pen name, “Shiitake”, from the delicious mushroom of the same name, this artist’s work features motifs such as angels, fairies, jewellery and flowers; a recurring theme is “Iyashi no bishoujou”, beautiful girls with a healing aspect.

Her work has been sold at events around the world, and has featured in event advertising, product packaging, and jigsaw puzzles, as well as illustration books. Now, Shiitake brings her work to HYPER JAPAN in person, featuring limited postcards, posters, prints, wallscrolls and more! Stop by her “Gensodo Palace of illusions” during July’s HYPER FRINGE MARKET and see for yourself.

doujin artist gensodo shiitake stall stand kawaii artwork