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HYPER Gallery – and Dear Stage Exhibition in London!

…there is a place somewhere in Tokyo, a place called Akihabara. For fans of pop idols, anime and manga, it is sacred ground. and somewhere within this vast mecca of pop culture is a venue known as Dear Stage. Think of it as … an incubator … yes, an incubator for tomorrow’s idols. Someday, some of the girls performing on the stage will be on national television, broadcast live to the millions. Someday…

But for now, they take one day at a time… is one group to make it out of Dear Stage and into the national arena. These six girls have worked hard to craft their own unique brand and they shall be rewarded. To that effect, HYPER JAPAN is proud to present to you, HYPER Gallery. The gallery will feature a variety of art themed around the performers of Dear Stage, chief among them! If you own a CD of theirs, you may recognize some of the displayed art.

Also on display will be six mannequins displaying the actual outfits worn the members! Don’t forget though, the Dear Stage website has many upcoming pop idols and artwork dedicated to them will also feature at the gallery, so be sure to check them out. After all, you’ll never know who the next big idol will be, so scope them all out!

HYPER Gallery will be located on the first floor of Building Six, next to the HYPER Theatre. Open during the hours of the event across all three days, the gallery is conveniently located for those who want to browse for a while until their favorite artist’s performance starts. Elevator access is available so if you’re there with your children or have difficulty navigating stairs, don’t worry.