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HYPER J-style Collection @ HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market

HYPER JAPAN is well-known as the UK’s largest exhibitor of J-style (Japanese-style) fashion, with a wide variety of trends fresh from the streets of Tokyo in our bi-annual fashion shows. We provide the UK with a rare glimpse into the amazing diversity and creativity within the world of Japanese couture and this winter we’re back with a vengeance to wow HYPER JAPAN guests with our quirky, cool and cute HYPER J-style Collection.

Eager to share your enduring passion for J-style fashion? Ever harboured a secret desire to strut your stuff on stage? Well, whether you are new to the catwalk or a bona fide J-style modelling pro, we’re inviting you out into the limelight! We’re on the hunt for both male and female J-style enthusiasts from all over the UK to participate in this unique fashion extravaganza. So if you have a penchant for one of the following fashion styles, we would love to hear from you and see you shine in your best outfits. Participants will benefit from free access to the event as well as gaining the chance to create lifelong special memories – not to mention the special goodies and prizes to be won….

    Styles (Both male and female wanted!)

  • Male and Female Kimono
  • Lolita-kei (Sweet/ Gothic/ Classic etc)
  • Fairy Kei
  • Cult Party Kei
  • Aomoji Kei
  • Mori-girl
  • Gyaru (Hime, Koakuma, Kogyaru, Agejo, Casual)
  • Gyaru-O (Rokku, Ikemen, Casual)
  • Aristocrat/ Kodona
  • Punk
  • Visual Kei
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