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HYPER JAPAN at “Otaku Summit,” Comiket Special 2015:

HYPER JAPAN brings the best of Japan to the UK, but sometimes we bring something fun back to Japan as well! 2015’s “Comiket Special” in Japan is an “Otaku Summit”, welcoming Otaku event organisers from across the world, as well as Japanese companies, to participate in “a dialogue with people around the globe who also love manga, anime, and games.” Naturally, HYPER JAPAN will be in attendance in the Otaku Expo section of the event, with some of our team members (including a Japanese-speaking ex-pat assistant in cosplay) participating in this great coming-together of Japanese pop culture fans on March 28th-29th, 2015.

Comic Market (AKA Comiket) is the world’s largest celebration of Japanese otaku culture, focused on Doujin, or self-published goods, which in the modern age has expanded from comics to include music and video games. Besides the world-famous bi-annual events, every five years they organise a Comiket Special event, each with a different theme. For more details of this year’s Comiket Special, please click here.