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HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, Day 2!


We’ve enjoyed another day jam-packed with Japanese action, adventure and thrills here at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market! With two sessions’ worth of excited visitors, our exhibitors have been busy serving up the best Japanese food, drink, and shopping possible. Plus, our main stage played to a packed crowd all day long, opening with Kinu Yukawa’s Kyara-Ben cooking demonstrations, running all the way through SIRO-A, Anna Yano and our J-Style Fashion Collection, the Hiroko Tanaka Nihon Buyo group, Diana Garnet and our HYPER UTAU Karaoke contest, Nem Japanese Fusion and Tamashii Taiko. As if that wasn’t enough fun, our Shojo vs Shonen Cosplay Battle and COSParade showed some of the world-class cosplay we’re proud to present to our thriving crowds!

Tomorrow features the return of Hibiki Ichikawa as he and Akari Mochizuki open our main stage tomorrow morning, with Ryu Okada’s Sake Cocktail Mixer following to add an Eastern edge to your Christmas parties. SIRO-A return to delight our crowds once more, followed by a J-Pop double whammy of Anna Yano (headlining our HYPER J-Style Fashion Collection event) and idol Koike Miyu making her UK debut! Then, because we’re overflowing with festive spirit, our HYPER JAPAN cosplayers take off the kid gloves and step up to the global stage for the World Cosplay Championships and our Sunday COSParade, followed up by Diana Garnet’s return to delight our guests alongside Joe Inoue.

If you haven’t yet, come join us for the amazing finale to the UK’s premier Japanese shopping and culture event! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow.