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HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015, Day 3!


Well, it’s been one heck of a ride, but the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015 has now reached its glorious finale. We’ve seen a robotic hand and other handy robotics, we’ve seen Tokyo Girl’s Style and HYPER J-Style, we’ve seen prodigious quantities of Japanese food and drink sampled, wolfed down, quaffed and scoffed, we’ve seen anime legends and legendary anime – basically, we’ve seen it all!

NHK’s lovely J-MELO host of Frozen fame, May J., gave a beautiful performance on the Festival Stage, demonstrating her powerful live voice once again to a teeming crowd of excitable fans. The ever-popular also returned for their second performance of the event, combining with the gallery installation and video of one of their previous concerts to create a resounding Dempa-weekend!

On the anime frontier, Kobun Shizuno gave an enlightening talk about his experience in the anime industry, while the founder of  the Kawaii Ambassador project Takamasa Sakurai answered the question “why are Japanese idols so popular around the world?” in a fascinating presentation. Japan Anima(tor’s) Exhibition screened their choice selection of anime short films, while the classic anime BLACK JACK: The Movie drew in a huge crowd of Tezuka fans.

All in all it’s been a wonderful few days with Japanese action aplenty, and for once even the fickle British weather decided to cooperate! But we’re not done yet! The HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015 is but a few months away, and will be gracing London’s Tobacco Dock from the 27th to the 29th of November this year! It will be a huge upscale from last year’s Christmas Market, even rivalling the grandeur of The O2! Tickets go on sale as early as this week (the week of 13th June), so keen beans can grab their tickets early and can relax in the knowledge that HYPER fun times will be back before long.

One last note, we’d love your feedback as always so please take a minute or two out to fill in our post-event survey! Your suggestions can help shape the future of HYPER JAPAN and exactly which of Japan’s best cultural offerings we share with the UK.