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HYPER JAPAN Summer 2014 Retrospective

As we look forward to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015, it’s a good time to cast some thoughts back at last summer’s event and enjoy some of the highlights!


Our Sake Experience delighted huge numbers of our visitors, who were able to sample and vote on their favourites from over 20 different varieties, including incredibly popular and trendy sparkling sakes. What’s more, the breweries themselves had representatives who were more than happy to extol the merits of their various tipples and help customers choose.

20140726_094402Of course, fine sake wasn’t all that was on offer. An incredible mixture of exhibitors had goods ranging from the freshest anime, manga and game merchandise all the way through to bonsai trees catered to the J-shopping desires of our tens of thousands of visitors, not just limited and rare branded goods imported from Japan but also artisanal J-craft items. Our fine array of food vendors also satisfied cravings for Japanese cuisine, from snacks and street food through to high-end sushi and sashimi.

20140726_114425Speaking of an incredible range, J-fashion was out in full force at our last summer event, as these models from our hand-picked fashion show troupe will attest! As well as stage shows, there were wigs, makeup and of course, fantastic clothes on sale as well. Our fashion and cosplay photobook, J-style, features some of the best looks seen at HYPER JAPAN 2014 summer, and is still available.

newsImg07252014Big exhibitors delighted our visitors by bringing along “Kigurumi” mascots of their best-loved characters for fans both young and old to meet and enjoy, who were posing for photos throughout the whole weekend! Of major note were Nintendo fan-favourites Pikachu and the Mario Bros, who could be seen around the massive Nintendo area of our HYPER Game & Anime Park. Thanks to exhibitors Bandai-Namco Games and The Heart of Gaming, a few lucky people even had the chance to see a very meta sight: Pac-Man playing the original Pac-Man arcade game!

hibikiichikawaWe had a bevy of incredible live acts lighting up our main stage, including HYPER JAPAN veteran traditional Japanese musicians Hibiki Ichikawa (pictured) and Akari Mochizuki, who are always a wonderful treat for our audience. Hibiki in particular is an honoured holder of an extremely rare “Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa” in the UK, just one proof of his world-leading ability as a player of the Japanese Tsugaru-Shamisen. Other stage acts included ninjas, technodelic dance shows, robotics demonstrations, and of course…

20140726_165934…Our very own HYPER JAPAN COSParade! This adorable miniature Kyary Kyary Pamyu was just one of the many cosplayers to strut their stuff on our main stage as part of our cosplay competitions over the three days of the event. Anime, manga, game characters and more were portrayed as costume maniacs took the opportunity to show off their skills to a packed audience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look back at last summer’s HYPER JAPAN… Now it’s time to look forward to 2015’s HYPER JAPAN Festival! Keep your eyes peeled and pointed at this very site as well as our social media for updates coming soon.