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HYPER JAPAN2014 , the finale!

All good things must come to an end, even our favourite J-culture celebration, and so HYPER JAPAN 2014 is closed! We’ve had a wonderful time, and we hope you all have too, we’ve got the photos to prove it:


These sake drinkers are a great example of the happy tasters at our Sake Experience this weekend! With 25 different sakes from 11 different brewers, we hope many of you went home as newly-minted sake connoisseurs.


The delicious application of Japanese flavours to less traditional desserts also made an impression on both us and our visitors. We enjoyed the demonstrations by our Eat-Japan and Taste-Japan specialists, some of which dealt with this very topic! From the packed demonstration area, it’s obvious that our visitors did too.


Speaking of packed, HIROKI, the Masked Ninja, drew huge crowds to every performance on our main stage, his incredible physique stunning almost as many people as his amazing martial arts skills.

He wasn’t the only performer to excite our crowds though; between Broken Doll, Yanakiku, KeroKero Bonito, Yano Anna, the Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari and One Not’e on Sunday alone, our visitors were all spoiled for choice by an amazing bevy of musical acts. Added to that SIRO-A, DEN Entertainment and demonstrations by Robo Garage and ITK, for the ultimate selection of J-culture on our many stages!


HYPER JAPAN wouldn’t be the same without cosplay though, and we had two major contests this weekend.

Our very own COSParade took place over two days, with the main judging on Saturday. The ECG likewise took to the main stage and there was a combined prize ceremony for the two on Sunday, a grand celebration of the costuming skill of all our participants. We’re very proud to mention in particular that the winners of the ECG, who will represent the UK in 2015 at the Paris Japan Expo, are Shirak as Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice”, and the group of Nomes and Altria as Lennth and Valkyrie respectively from “Lord of Vermillon”!

We have enjoyed seeing you all again at our biggest HYPER JAPAN ever! Our next event is HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2014, taking place from November 14th-16th. See you again there!

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