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HYPER Lounge

Note: This page is from a previous year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market event, please see our schedule for an up-to-date list of performances and activities.

teapartyNaturally, an event as cool as HYPER JAPAN draws people together from all over the UK and beyond! Whatever facet of Japan is your favourite, it’s a fairly safe bet that you’re not alone in that opinion amongst our tends of thousands of visitors, so it’s natural that some of you will get together.

Thankfully, our HYPER Lounge area provides a space for communities to stage organised group meets at our event, so that they can get together and enjoy their shared love of Japanese culture!

Lolita-style fashion lovers The Tea Party Club will be holding a special Tea Party event with MINORI on Friday, while MINORI will be holding a special talk session for on Sunday about J-style fashion. There are also Mirai no Neiro Vocaloid fan meets on Friday, Saturday Morning and Sunday! Keep your eyes peeled for a full list of meets on days of the event, or feel free to message us on facebook or twitter if you’re part of a group that’s looking for a space to hold a meet at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!