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HYPER Maid Café Returns to our Christmas Market!

Note: This page is from a previous year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market event, please see our schedule for an up-to-date list of performances and activities.


Following a successful return to our HYPER Festival in the summer after 4 years away, our Christmas Market will once again feature our HYPER Maid Café!

Run in partnership with Ai My Maid and themed after the well-known Akihabara-style Maid cafe model, the HYPER Maid Café will feature treats like Japanese sweets and ice cream, and a wide variety of both traditional and board games such as Jenga and Connect 4, which can be played with the maids there. Other activities will include things like origami, drawing, singing and dancing along with the maids. There’ll even be opportunities for taking “cheki” – a custom decorated polaroid picture with one of the maids.

There’s no admission fee, although there will be charges for food and drink, as well as small additional charges to play games and do activities with the maids.

Ai My Maid

10834885_982507538444631_8967769903206747674_oAi My Maid are a pop up maid cafe group with a traditional Japanese theme mixed with the fun energy of Akihabara’s maid cafe’s. They aim to give customers a highly enjoyable and unique experience with delicious food and drink, addictive games and entertaining performances. With plenty of prizes to be won and activities to take part in we are sure it will be an amazing experience for everyone.