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HYPER VOCALOID Live and Talk Show!! Yuzuki Yukari x Ishiguro Chihiro x EHAMIC


Live VOCALOID Stage Event to be Held in London

Yuzuki Yukari, a VOCALOID with broad appeal.

Many VOCALOID producers have found themselves captivated by Yuzuki Yukari’s clear voice. With recent developments such as Avex’s March 2014 release of her commercial album Tsuki no Hibiki, she is the mostly hotly talked-about up-and-coming VOCALOID.

Ishiguro Chihiro, who provided Yuzuki Yukari’s voice.
The multi-talented Ishiguro Chihiro not only works as a voice actor for anime and video games, but is also a gothic lolita fashion model and live performer.

EHAMIC, a leading-edge VOCALOID producer.
EHAMIC is a musician active in many fields. In addition to VOCALOID, he also has recently provided songs for artists such as the idol unit Sakura Gakuin.

These two artists and one voice will come together for the very first time at HYPER JAPAN. There, ambitious performances such as a duet between Yuzuki Yukari and Ishiguro Chihiro will be held. Plans also exist to unveil a new song specially written for HYPER JAPAN. Please don’t miss this thirty-minute stage performance packed full of what makes VOCALOID so great!

Chihiro Ishiguro

A message from Chihiro:

Good day, and nice to meet you.

My name is Chihiro Ishiguro, and I am a voice actress from Japan.
I’m very happy that I will be able to come to HYPER JAPAN, an overseas Japanese culture event. There, I will be performing together with the VOCALOID Yuzuki Yukari and the popular Japanese VOCALOID producer EHAMIC. It will be my first time doing anything like this, and I hope you all enjoy it. I look forward to meeting everyone there!



Voice actress (Office Anemone)

Voice roles include:

VOCALOID3, text-to-speech software VOICEROID+: Yuzuki Yukari


Idol-rism: Suzuka Osaragi

Ishiguro has also appeared in the Brilliant Star Decorations stage show, worked as a gothic lolita fashion model, and appeared in various events such as Chihiro’s Garden and Game Garden.


A message from EHAMIC:

I’m very honored to have the chance to introduce VOCALOID to all of you in London!

VOCALOID is a part of recent Japanese culture, and I’d like to show everyone what exactly it is through my on-stage performance. I hope you come by to see and learn about this new culture.



Born in Mexico City, Mexico.

Librarian and singer-songwriter.

Known as an artist in part for his unconventional methods of expression, such as creating LP records that use the VOCALOID voice synthesis software.


EHAMIC began appearing in the media after being featured in the Japanese “Google Chrome x Hatsune Miku” advertisement and creating an image song for the LAWSON convenience store chain. In addition to being an artist, he is also known as an author and media personality. He also creates songs for other artists, and his delicate yet bold songs feature a fusion of the analog and the digital.

Yuzuki Yukari

Yuzuki Yukari is a VOCALOID audio library released by AHS under the supervision of the creators’ group VOCALOMAKETS.
“VOICEROID” speech synthesis software of Yuzuki Yukari was simultaneously released in addition to the singing VOCALOID software.


VOCALOID is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

VOCALOID is a singing synthesis software and its technology of Yamaha Corporation.

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