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Ikebana: Japanese flower arrangement

ikebanaThe Japanese art of flower arrangement, ikebana is much, much more than the simple act of arranging flowers. Through the arrangement of flowers, practitioners of ikebana feel a sense of closeness with nature, all the while contemplating the simple beauty of a flower. Many professionals practice ikebana in silence, as contemplation and meditation are closely related disciplines. We are happy to announce that ikebana will once again be on the schedule for the Creative Studio.

This workshop will focus on finding and drawing out the inherent beauty in nature through artistic arrangements using seasonal flora. Organised under the careful tutelage of Ms. Hanako Motoya, ikebana practitioner of the Ohara school, the workshop will be a gentle guide to the Japanese approach to flower arrangement. Participants are encouraged to take the flowers of their arrangement home and practice some of the techniques from the workshop.

  • £10 Per person
  • Recommended for teens and above.
  • Note: Parental supervision required for under-18s due to sharp objects.
  • No advance bookings
  • Classes can be paid for at Creative Studio reception.
  • Be at the Creative Studio 10 minutes before the starting time for the activity.
  • 30-40 people per workshop

profile_shotMs. Hanako Motoya has had a lifelong passion for flowers, having first been introduced to flower arrangement by her mother before going on to study flower arrangement at university. This passion only grew after graduation, with her starting work as a floral designer for an exhibition and display company. In her search for more knowledge and greater experience, Ms. Motoya began working at a florist, and it was through her work there that she was introduced to the Ohara school of ikebana. After almost ten years of devoted study and work involving flowers and ikebana, she arrived in the UK in 2008 to start her own flower business. Currently, Ms. Motoya conducts a monthly ikebana class open to ikebana enthusiasts and flower novices alike.