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Illuminight – A Festival of ‘Akari’

HYPER JAPAN is bringing you a festival of light this Christmas. We are inviting Japanese lighting installations as a part of our event, blending traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture with unique and original ‘akari’ lights this November.

These illuminations are all individually stunning pieces of Japanese craft art that have a history in Japanese ‘matsuri’ festivals, but now also utilise the latest technology.
The above photograph is an example of the beautiful work that the artist that we have called in to help us this Christmas, has already made. An exhibition like this will make for a truly magical show for any visitor that comes to HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017. This marks the first time that installations of this scale, featuring up-and-coming Japanese artist from Japan, will have been brought to the UK.

If this exciting project has flicked a switch in your head, just wait! We’ll be releasing more information soon!

This is a free exhibition for anyone who gets a general ticket this November. Click below to get your ticket now.


Organiser: CROSS MEDIA Ltd.
Curation, Art Direction: Naomasa Haga (Office Migoto)