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IOEA: Otaku fans of the UK, assemble!

IOEAToday, the otaku movement is a global phenomenon in its own right, with conventions and movements in many a country. To address the needs of this farflung movement, the International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA) was formed. Traveling from convention to convention, the IOEA aims to establish and strengthen links between otaku fans around the world. In recognition of the efforts of UK otaku fans, we are happy to announce that representatives from the IOEA will be at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016!

Drop by the IOEA tables where they’ll be having a series of talks on their activities around the world, and other otaku goings-on! If you’re interested in otaku culture, then this is where you call home, together with other otaku fans from 33 countries across the world.

IOEAInternational Otaku Expo Association(IOEA) is an global association of expos and events where enthusiasts of otaku culture gather together. The goal of IOEA is to encourage new developments within the wider otaku culture by linking disparate otaku expos together. Through these linkages, expo organisers, fans, creators, private groups, and public entities will all be able to expand the scope of their various activities, for the stated goal of fostering friendship among enthusiasts of otaku culture around the world.