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ITK Presents: THIS IS IT, the Handroid


We’re delighted to welcome back pioneering Japanese company ITK to our HYPER JAPAN Festival! Once again, ITK will be amazing visitors with their groundbreaking invention, the Handroid, which it is hoped will improve the daily lives of many in the future.


ITK’s members hail from the research and development department of Iwata Machinery Works Ltd., and have utilized their experience in precision part manufacturing to create various unique devices such as the Mechanical Walking Stick and Mechanical Weeder. Primarily focused on developing healthcare and medical equipment, with the motto, “impossible is possible,” ITK works tirelessly to develop new designs, and adapt them for practical use. With a rapidly aging society in Japan, and young care workers heavily outnumbered by elderly dependents, the country is working against the clock to find solutions for people to retain their independence, and companies such as ITK really are vital for the well-being of future pensioners.


This time around, ITK will be showcasing their latest version of the ‘Handroid’, a remotely-operable five-finger movable robotic
hand which has been receiving global attention for the past few years. It can be used in engineering environments which are inaccessible or dangerous to human hands, and has a clear advantage over other existing robot hands, which either do not use HJ5_Stage_DSC5020_KAORI_ANDO_27all five fingers, or have servomotors in each of the five finger joints, making the robot hand heavy, complicated and expensive. ITK developed the Handroid to be lightweight and cheap, yet unrestricted in its capabilities to cater to the needs of its users. In order to do this, ITK utilized their metalworking know-how and applied metals used in aircraft parts, rendering the Handroid lightweight, durable and fluid in its motions. They also developed a glove-type controller which remotely controls the Handroid by mimicking the operator’s hand movements. Even more excitingly, they are developing ways to use their invention as a prosthetic hand which can be controlled by electric signals from muscles, brain waves, and cerebral nerves. We have huge expectations for their latest version which will be showcased on our Festival stage once per day, so make sure you don’t miss this cutting-edge technical display!


For a better idea of the genius of Handroid, have a watch of the video below which introduces last year’s Handroid 9, or check out their website here for more details!