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ITK: A helping HAND(ROID)

First making an appearance back in 2011, ITK.japan’s HANDROID never ceases to amaze. With each subsequent appearance showing off a more advanced model, 2015 saw the debut of the elegant HANDROID 10. From what we hear, 2016 is no different. With smooth, fluid movements and gentle, almost delicate lines, expect to see Japanese technology at its best: a seamless melding of technology and art.

Demonstrations will be ongoing at the ITK booth, so drop on by, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to try your (ahem) hand at controlling the HANDROID.

ITK’s members hail from the research and development department of Iwata Machinery Works Ltd., and have utilized their experience in precision part manufacturing to create various unique devices. Primarily focused on developing healthcare and medical equipment, with the motto, “impossible is possible,” ITK works tirelessly to develop new and practical designs to combat the problems of a country with an aging society.