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Pause for a drink at Japanese SAKE BAR IZANAI

Some of you will remember SAKE BAR IZANAI at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2016! We’re delighted to announce that once again it will be returning! The perfect opportunity for you to try out a Japanese izakaya!

For those of you who have been to Japan, you may know what an ‘izakaya’ is. But for those who don’t, put simply it’s a Japanese bar! At HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 we have an ‘izakaya’ called SAKE BAR IZANAI for you to experience! This is the perfect area for you to take a moment out of your busy HYPER JAPAN schedule to enjoy a drink with your family and friends. There’ll be a wide variety of Japanese alcohol for you to try – ranging from beer to whiskey, sake and other spirits!

Outside of alcohol, in true izakaya style, there will also be a selection of nibbles and snacks! Come grab a drink and relax at SAKE BAR IZANAI!

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