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J-Culture Activity Workshop

It’s always fun to get hands-on and DIY when it comes to Japanese culture! This time we’ll be having three activities going throughout the three days of the event! Check them out below!


Jump into the classic world of calligraphy with this easy to digest workshop. Takako Calligraphy Arts will provide a crash course in the basics and get you up and …brushing (is this right?😄) in no time! Take home your very own calligraphy bookmark with your name written on it!

  • Brushes and paper will be provided
  • £5 cover charge applies

Japanese Tabletop Games

Come and experience the games Japanese people grow up playing! Familiar with chess? Try shogi. A dab hand at card games? Try your (ahem) hand at “Hanafuda”. This workshop will be run by The Library Pot and their helpful staff are more than willing to teach you the basics!

    • Board games will be provided
    • FREE Workshop


Alice Sushi Art invites you to come learn how to fold origami paper into popular Ghibli characters from My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away! Want something more seasonal? Make some Christmas ornaments to hang around the house!

      • Origami paper will be provided
      • £5 cover charge applies


Snow Rabbit Factory

When it snows in Japan, the children make snow rabbits…. a small mound of snow with berries as eyes and leaves as ears.
Visit the Snow Rabbit Factory and make your own soft furry snow rabbit plushie/soft toy to take home. Craft workshop is suitable for all abilities.

        • All ages, but please be aware that sharp needles are used.
        • £5 cover charge applies