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J-Culture showcase!

The J-Culture Showcase in the ASAKUSA Culture Zone is the home of Japanese martial arts, culture and bu-do demonstrations at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!

We have a great group of talented people taking their place in the J-Culture Showcase to show off their incredible skills!
From Judo to Aikido, Yosakoi to Karate, your sure to find something you love at the J-Culture Showcase.

The J-Culture Showcase opens on Friday lunchtime and runs right through until Sunday evening. Take a look at the schedule below to see whats coming when!


13.15  Kitri du Lac
14.00 ASOVIVA Sanshin
16.15 Bon Odori Workshop
Kitri du Lac


10.30 Ju Dachi Martial Arts
11.15 Shiranamikai
12.00 Yosakoi London Temzu
12.45 Shinboku
13.30 Ju Dachi Martial Arts
17.30 Bugeikan
18.15 Kitri du Lac


11.00 Ju Dachi Martial Arts
11.45 Aikido of London
12.30 Ju Dachi Martial Arts
13.15 Shinboku
14.00 Aikido of London
14.45 Shiranamikai
15.30 Kenseikai East London Dojo

Don’t miss the exciting shows at the J-Culture Showcase!

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