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J-Dog: Hot dogs à la Japan

J-DogYou’re not alone if you consider hot dogs to be an American thing. But it’s 2016 and about time Japanese food contributed to the classic hotdog! With that, we give you: J-Dog!

J-dog hot dogs are the ultimate synthesis of American culture and Japanese food. Currently available in six different designs, you can choose from the Fundoshi, the Teri Mayo, the Okonomi, the Spicy Cheese, the Negimiso, and the Kimchi! Okay, the last one is more Korean than Japanese but worry not about small details.

The J-Dog hasn’t just added Japanese toppings to a standard hot dog. You can select from four different sausages: Pork, Beef, Veggie, or even Kurobuta! Yes, that’s right. Authentic top-quality kurobuta pork sausages. Yum! Check them out at the J-Dog stand in the Food Court.

J-Dog has its roots in the street food movement. Trading out of the PUMP SHOREDITCH street food market in Shoreditch, J-Dog is all about pleasing the local lunch time crowd, and the greater foodie population in East London.