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Japan Airlines – fly high in relaxation paradise

To help get you in the holiday mood for the imminent summer vacation, here’s a short introduction to the various seating classes and in-flight features offered by one of our HYPER JAPAN sponsors, Japan Airlines! Why not head to their website and book your dream flight to Japan today?


This class offers passengers a globally outstanding level of comfort. The seating area, which extends into a fully horizontal body-length bed, allows plenty of personal space, giving one the feeling of being in a private room. Everything in this area was developed to a luxurious first class standard.





YPThe seating space has been increased by as much as 10cm from previous models, offering the highest level of relaxation in this class, on top of a wide variety of added features. With the large leg rest, foot rest, A4 sized PC screen and a spacious fold-down table, we guarantee you’ll have all the space you need to sit back and unwind for the duration of your flight.




Economy ClassY CLASS
This class has a roomy leg area which easily accommodates stretched or crossed legs. The seat width has also been further increased, offering an unprecedented level of comfort. An impressive array of features are available, including a 10.6 inch touchscreen monitor, PC charging facilities, USB port and bottle holder.