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Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition, topnotch anime short films!

Anima(tor)'s ExpoWe all know that watching Japanese anime is a sure-fire way to add a splash of awesome sauce to your day. The problem is, there’s simply too much of it. Do you go the official route and wait for the few titles that get picked up internationally and released in your language, or do you go trawling through the depths of the net? Where do you even start?


Luckily, the short film series “Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition” is here to save the day and add some serious ammo to your repertoire of anime knowledge. Conceived from the idea that “innovations come from reckless challenges”, the Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition is the brainchild of Hideaki Anno and Kawakami Nobuo, and aims to search for, and showcase new talent and innovation in the Japanese animation world. This means that not only do you get exposure to new and creative works, but you also get a crash course on which artists to expect great things from down the road. That the acclaimed Miyazaki Hayao himself drew the logo should give you some idea about how high the bar has been set.


As part of this mission, a family friendly selection of short films will be showcased at our HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015! You’ll be introduced to “Obake-chan”, which follows the antics of a lovable young girl as she goes about trying to become a fully-fledged (read: scary) ghost. In “The Dragon Dentist”, learn just how difficult life can be when you’re a dentist whose patients’ teeth are twice your height. A twist on the kaiju movies of old, “Power Plant #30” delves into what happens when monsters and giant robots are thrown into an unholy mix, albeit from a very unique viewpoint.


Each of the featured short films will be sure to leave you wanting more, so be sure to set aside some time out of your busy schedule and drop into the HYPER Theatre located inside Building 6! Bonus points if you can find out who created the logo!


To get a full sense of what the Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition is all about, explore their Youtube channel (only in Japanese), or watch their promo trailer.

The Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition website can be found at: