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Japan Authors’ gallery KAORI, by Creek & River Co. Ltd.

Now here’s an exhibitor with a mission! Japan Authors’ gallery KAORI aims to spread word of some outstanding manga writers, novelists and artists whose works could be seen as representative of Japanese culture. They’ll be showcasing a top selection of wonderfully talented people at their HYPER JAPAN Festival booth, so read on to find out about some artists you could be meeting very soon!


Kiriko Kubo

Tokyo-born manga artist Kiriko Kubo is very well-known in Japan thanks to her numerous popular works, which include kenjirotakeshita_0910“Cynical Histerie Hour”, “Children Nowadays” and “Buckets de Gohan”. She has designed characters for the Japanese government and Mitsubishi Electric, and illustrated the interiors of Evelina London Children’s Hospital and St. Thomas’ Hospital. Since 2006 she has judged the Japanese Embassy’s “Manga Jiman” contest, and even appeared on ITV’s South Bank Show in a special feature on Japanese manga. At present she lives in London along with her British husband and their son and cat.


To the undoubted delight of her lucky London fans, Kiriko will be holding several autograph sessions at the HYPER JAPAN Festival! An exclusive postcard will be given to everyone who purchases and presents an electric copy of “Cynical Histerie Hour Vol. 1” at the Japan Authors’ gallery KAORI booth, and then Kiriko will sign this postcard in a special one-off event. Don’t forget to bring along the device you’ve used to download this manga! UK fans can purchase this in advance from Amazon here.


Autograph session timetable

Friday 10th July:       15:00-16:00

Saturday 11th July:  14:00-15:00, 15:30-16:30

Sunday 12th July:     15:00-16:00


Miwa Komatsu

Miwa Komatsu is an artist from Nagano, who has painted, drawn and carved an astonishing number of works during her career, IMG_1147colorand has appeared in Japanese media and television multiple times in recent years. She developed a passion for art at a very young age, and always knew that this was her calling in life. Her art often depicts fierce-looking creatures with striking eyes and incredibly detailed bodies, set amongst vistas of bold, thick-lined shapes which leap out at the viewer. Browsing through her works is a perplexing experience, sometimes unsettling, but most importantly it is a thought-provoking ride.


In the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show, Miwa carried out a special collaboration with well-known landscape artist Kazuyuki Ishihara, and created two ‘komainu’ guardian lion-dogs made out of Imari porcelain for exhibition in his show garden. As a result of her outstanding work, they jointly won a gold medal! The two komainu exhibited at this show will once again be on display at the Japan Authors’ gallery KAORI booth, and anyone wishing to purchase them can make a reservation here (a pair of komainu costs £100,000). Miwa will also be at the booth, and will be signing autographs! More details to come on the day regarding conditions for this event.


Autograph session timetable

Friday 10th July:        17:00-18:00

Saturday 11th July:   12:00-13:00, 18:00-19:00

Sunday 12th July:      13:00-14:00