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Japanese designers and fashion goods at HYPER JAPAN 2014

It’s not just Kawaii cool we’ve got for fashion and design goods at HYPER JAPAN, contemporary spins on traditional goods can be found among our exhibitors too.


You may not know Keiko Uchida‘s name, but you’ve likely seen her work; coming from a lineage of Japanese design, she’s the mind behind a number of Muji’s most popular designs of the past few decades and will be with us in July.


Aoi Clothing are a France-based store selling a selection of contemporary, Japanese-inspired designs. No need to mess with the hassle of international shopping (or learning French) as they’ll be bringing their wares to HYPER JAPAN this summer!


Fuji Kimono will be bringing a fine range of vintage kimono from Japan to our event, all hand-picked to represent something a little different than what people might expect from kimono patterns.

All these and more will be at HYPER JAPAN 2014 this summer for you to peruse, ponder, and purchase!