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Katanaya-Ichi, Japanese “Tate” Swordplay Masters

刀屋壱1Fascinated by the art of Japanese swordplay? Katanaya-Ichi will be right up your street at HYPER JAPAN Festival this summer!

The Katanaya-Ichi sword-fighting troupe is led by a Japanese TV, Stage, film actor and action specialist Dai Mizuno. He teaches his own original style of “Tate” (Japanese sword-fighting) action, combining elements of both Aikido and Japanese traditional dance. Katanaya-Ichi’s goal is to help the growth of Tate actors, as well as facilitating Japanese cultural exchange through their art.

Katanaya-Ichi offers Tate lessons for both Japanese and non-Japanese actors, non-actors, people looking for an exciting form of exercise, and even children! They also supply hand-crafted weapons for stage and screen, having been involved in a Japan-wide stadium tour for popular band EXILE. At HYPER JAPAN Festival they’ll be displaying their amazing prowess on stage throughout the event, as well as presenting talks on their art to our visitors (days TBC).

You can see a preview of their stage skills in the video below: