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Kara-age came back

Japanese kara-age fried chicken has a special place in hearts all across Japan and the wider world.

Whether a special addition to an otherwise healthy lunch, a much needed after-school snack or the perfect accompaniment to your post-work beer, the taste of kara-age sparks good memories of good times.

Now you can have even more kara-age with the return of TBI Japan’s incredible kara-age tabehoudai promotion! After the success of the 2018, they have created a bigger and longer event for kara-age lovers in 2019!

For 8 days in February you can enjoy all-you-can-eat kara-age fried chicken at 14 locations across Japan for only 299 yen!

As there are no locations in the UK, British fans might have to wait until HYPER JAPAN this summer for their kara-age fix,  but if you can get to Japan, enjoy all the kara-age you can handle for just £2 and let us know how it goes!!!



Source: at press
[Original article in Japanese]