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HYPER J-Style Collection Fashion Show (Sat) – Who Wore What!

The Saturday morning session at HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018 saw the HYPER Live! Stage host the HYPER J-Style Collection Fashion Show with Victorian Maiden!
We’ve put together a photo gallery of all our entrants below from the show!


Izzi is a 17 year old student wearing a yami-kawaii coordinate. The style gives her a chance to express deeper feelings visually, and remind herself and others that it’s okay to not be okay. Her top is from UK brand Marmalade and Peanuts, shorts from Taobao, socks from Ota-Q and shoes from YRU. Izzi’s style revolves around pastel colours and androgynous silhouettes. You can find her on instagram at @vomit_boi”


Tomo is a young Japan enthusiast from Poland who is active on many artistic fields from dancing on YouTube, to modeling and designing clothes. Today she is presenting a stylization based on recently popular yami-kawaii fashion. The base is a simple school uniform from Body Line, matched with accessories representing her crazy true self which she is hiding from others. You can see lots of accessories from Rokupa Doki Doki relating to her will to have fun and be happy, as well as some Menhera-chan stuff showing her inside despair.

Ichigo Bunny

Ichigo Bunny is a blogger with a particular love for Japanese fashion who would describe her style as alternative kawaii. She is wearing collectif shorts and a top and trainers from the Japanese brand WC. Ichigo Bunny likes matching pastel clothes with darker items for a cute look that stays true to her alternative fashion roots.

Neko Mei

Neko Mei came all the way from Belgium to present a pastel inspired outfit with some dark elements in today’s fashion show. The main piece is her Listen Flavour dress, which is her favourite clothing brand. The headpiece is partially handmade.

Aisha Anime

Aisha Anime is wearing a mix of Gothic fashion with elements of Visual Kei. She has focused on a main piece which is her jacket from Little Chilli and added accessories to detract from it. The result is a stylish outfit that can do all the talking at any event.

Miss Goldenlocks

Miss Goldenlocks has always been interested in J-fashion and hopes to explore more styles during her trip to Japan scheduled for next year. She is wearing a beige top with flower print and a cute pink strap skirt covered in unicorns and magical horses, ferris wheels and bows. The design interested her as it looks cute and bows are one of her favourite items.


Eira is a Japanese pop performer who wears Japanese fashion whenever she can, including when she’s dancing on stage or behind a camera. Today she’s wearing a Decora and Street Style inspired look featuring items from ACDC Rag, ASOS and the UK high street, and some of her own handmade accessories.


Leannan is dressed in a romantic Kimono outfits from Metamorphose. Kimonos with floral and geometric pattern like these are called ‘Taisho Roman’. This ‘Taisho Roman’ print and big ribbon design on the sash showcase a very Japanese version of the Lolita style. Please enjoy this display of romantic Kimono with matching handmade Japanese masks and decorations.


Astrid is wearing Sweet Lolita, a style which comprises of all things cute and pastel!  One of her favourite elements of the outfit is the beret which is very popular in Sweet Lolita and sourced from from Dreamy Bows. Her bag is from another popular Sweet Lolita brand, Angelic Pretty, and matched with bunny earrings by Fruit Friends, found on Etsy.


Rosa is wearing a Sweet Lolita outfit including the brands Chichi Clothing and Lolita Wardrobe. Her intricately decorated skirt brings sophistication to the look, while the lacy top and platform shoes keep it young and modern. This outfit is finished off with a pastel blue, vintage negligee. Rosa has been interested in Japanese fashion for 2 years now. She hopes one day to visit Japan to model and design clothing.


Louise is wearing Angelic Pretty’s ‘Day Dream Carnival‘ tiered jumperskirt with the matching tights and headbow. Added is a pink and white bodyline blouse, while the blonde ponytail wig is styled in buns and accessorised with star clips. Louise loves to wear Sweet Lolita because the pastel prints make her happy and the feminine design makes me feel empowered, just like a princess!


Lee has been into Lolita ever since stumbling across the style two years ago on Tumblr and has been hooked ever since. For today’s runway, he is wearing the Angelic Pretty ‘Fantasy Theater‘ jumpskirt matched with a ‘Violin Chocolat‘ bag by the same brand. His shoes are from Antaina, and the necklace was purchased from etsy shop PsihiArtia.


Zoe is from China and has been wearing Lolita dresses for more than 3 years. Her outfit today was put together around the theme of Fairyland. The ‘Red Riding Hood‘ jumpskirt and cape set are from Japanese brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Zoe is a big fan of this kind of idyllic country style with detailed laces and exquisite embroidery on ribbons, and this particular dress is her absolute favourite.


May is wearing Lolita fashion styled with a classic wintery feel in warm wine red jewel tones and ivory. The dress is called ‘Classic Fairy Tales‘ and is from Angelic Pretty, May’s favourite lolita brand to wear. The parts of the outfit that appeal to her are the cute animal motifs on the border of the dress, matching the fairy tale look that her coordinate portrays.

Yumi Rose

Yumi Rose is a classical Lolita fashion and historical costumes enthusiast who loves the colour pink. Her outfit today is a fusion of the classical lolita style with a historical touch, resulting in a late Victorian and Edwardian look. All items were sourced from various Lolita brands.

Alice Griever

For today’s runway, Alice has chosen a dress by Rolecosplay. The brand originally started off with costumes and wigs for cosplayers but recently also began to create different type of lolita dresses and medieval clothes. This particular dress is Alice’s  favourite so far since it represents her personal style and is also comfortable to wear and move around in.


Fashion Designer KawaiiCandii is wearing ‘Squirrel Party’ in black with matching hairbows. The accessories are co-ordinated from Dreamy Bows and Angelic Pretty as well as a Paul and Joe Sister limited edition kitty bag. She is wearing Buffalo limited-edition hologram platforms and a Gothic Lolita blouse from Punkrave.


Eden is a Northern Lolita and part of three communities; Leeds Lolitas, C.L.A.M and Sheffield Lolitas: the frills of steel. Lolita fashion has been a big part of her life ever since getting into it five years ago. Today, Eden is wearing a Lolita coordinate consisting of the dress ‘Magic Amulet‘ dress by Angelic Pretty, matched with accessories by the same brand and Killstar.

Cassandra Louise

Cassandra Louise is wearing ‘Merry Making in the Ghost Town’ by Alice and the Pirates. Her coordinate today consists of purples and blacks as the main colours, and also incorporates a slight starred theme. While she usually prefers Sweet Lolita, Gothic is a close second favourite.