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Kikkoman’s Ultimate HJ Sushi Roll Competition

This just in! Kikkoman is teaming up with HYPER JAPAN for a competition to find the ultimate HYPER JAPAN sushi roll!

Don’t forget – applications may be closed, but you can still participate (read: eat) in the sushi judging process during the Sunday session! 

  • The Contest: Choose three ingredients you’d like to see in your HYPER JAPAN sushi roll and submit them to us. (They can be anything you can think of, so long as it’s edible!) Three finalists will be selected, and their ideas will be given a professional makeover by a pro sushi chef. The finalists will then be invited to the final showdown.
  • The Showdown: The three finalists will attend the Sunday session of HYPER JAPAN (July 16th), where professional chefs will make their creations for a live panel of judges made up of indsutry professionals. The judges and audience will have a chance to try the sushi and will then vote to choose the winner.
  • The Prize: The grand prize winner will receive the amazing assortment of sushi making gear and Kikkoman goodies seen below! (Wooden rice tub and rice paddle not included) The runners up will receive a smaller selection of similar sushi-making supplies.

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