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“KimoCos” singing stars YANAKIKU make their triumphant return to London

HYPER JAPAN veterans YANAKIKU will be returning to London for our 2014 event this summer! Channelling both mainstream and sub-cultural Japanese influences, this cool and quirky decora influenced J-pop duo have a unique perspective on the world. Having earned themselves a sizable UK fanbase the last time they visited, their next step along the road to global culture domination includes an English version of crowd favourite “Fujiyama△Disco”,


Along with their trademark catchy melodies and dance routines, this pair distinguish themselves from the rest of the J-pop crowd with their ‘Kimocos’- a totally original mashup of cosplay and kimono that are taking the music and fashion worlds by storm!

Aiming to demonstrate the awesomeness of Japanese culture to the world, this pair wants to show ‘hot’ Japan, injecting their own spicy originality into an already crowded cool Japan culture scene.