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KIRIE Bares Japan’s Heart and Soul

You can experience an authentic evocation of the real essence of Japan thanks to a ground-breaking group of artists who are performing at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival. Encompassing dance, music and calligraphy, the group expresses traditional Japanese myths and stories using modern artistic techniques. The centrepiece is KIRIE or “mist painting”, a unique approach pioneered by group member Miko.

The group’s director is  Hirokazu Kumagai. A former model and photographer, he met Miko and was inspired to create the KIRIE group. Miko herself was born in Osaka, and her kimono-inspired body art was met with critical acclaim back in 2009. Their partnership acts as a focal point of the group, which now encompasses dancers, vocal percussion artists and even an animation expert. KIRIE have mesmerised audiences in Japan and elsewhere around the world in recent years. Now it’s London’s turn!