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Knights of Sidonia: Now showing at a HYPER JAPAN theatre near you!

Knights of SidoniaAs a special treat alongside the appearance of director Kobun Shizuno, we’ll be screening the first two episodes of Sci-Fi anime sensation “Knights of Sidonia” at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival, in our HYPER Theatre! It’s not every day that you get to watch an anime before general release, and it certainly isn’t every day that the director of the anime walks you through an episode, so get your calendars out and save the date! That’s 11 July, the second Saturday session!



About Knights of Sidonia
Knights of Sidonia follows what might be humanity’s last survivors, the crew of the eponymous colony ship, the Sidonia. Raised by his grandfather in isolation below the decks of this ancient colony ship, a young man called Nagate is suddenly forced to integrate with the society on board when he’s caught stealing food. Luckily for him, his virtual reality-honed piloting skills prove to be the only thing standing between life and death for everyone on Sidonia as the ship is assaulted by the alien “Gauna”. However, the difference between reality and simulated training is thrown into sharp contrast as his first sortie results in the death of a comrade, forcing Nagate and his fellow cadets to face the consequences…



Kobun Shizuno
In addition to directing Knights of Sidonia, Kobun Shizuno is also known as the director for the modern age of Detective Conan movies, which have broken box office records and won 2 Japanese Academy Awards. Shizuno has also received a UN Special Contribution Award Photo: by Mizuta Osamufor his work on the environmental issue-themed Shanghai Expo 3D animation “Millennium Baby”, which he wrote and directed, and whose characters he personally designed. A veteran of 3D CG directing since 1992, his oeuvre also includes directorial work on the US TV series G.I. Joe Sigma Six, as well as a host of co-director duties on projects such as Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, Elfen Lied and Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Toki.



Please be aware that Knights of Sidonia is currently unrated by the BBFC, but we are anticipating a 15 rating when screened. Visitors may be asked to produce ID to be allowed entry to the screening.