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Ancient “Kobudo (古武道)” Martial Arts Seminar

HYPER Theatre
Sat 2
HYPER Theatre
HYPER Theatre

Japanese martial arts can broadly be divided into two groups: modern “Gendai budo(現代武道)” martial arts and ancient “kobudo (古武道)” martial arts. To help explain more about kobudo, we’ve asked Mr. Stephen Delaney to host a series of seminars at the HYPER Theatre!

A professional martial arts practitioner of the highest degree, Stephen is a member of the “Sōsuishi-ryū Kumiuchi Koshi No Mawari” school. He has also demonstrated martial arts at the venerable Budokan in Tokyo and in addition to the seminars, be demonstrating at the J-Culture Showcase.

Come and learn about the ancient martial arts of Japan at the HYPER Theatre!