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Kohei Okutani Is a Musical SeN-SA-ShuN!


HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market is proud to play host to a double musical treat this December, as London-based singer-songwriter Kohei Okutani performs supported by SeN-SA-ShuN, a self-styled “Japanese-Brazilian, funky, psychedelic rock & roll punk band!” With a master’s degree in English poetry, Kohei combines sensitive lyrics with traditionally-influenced music that resonates deeply with audiences in London and elsewhere.


Kohei Okutani styles himself as a “troubadour of the Heisei era,” referencing the reign of the current Japanese Emperor which began in 1989. After the release of his first single in 2010, he performed at live events in the Kansai region of Japan, and since the Autumn of 2015 he has based himself in London, where he has performed in pubs and bars and busked on the streets, as well as recording.