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Lacroix Despheres: Oldschool Visual Kei With An Orchestral Twist!

Note: This page is from a previous year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market event, please see our schedule for an up-to-date list of performances and activities.

Lacroix1creditedAs you’re all aware, Japan boasts the world’s best visual-kei bands. Lacroix Despheres take things a step further as a comprehensive art form, their Rock Operas introducing perfomance elements such as a stage show including acting and dancing representing the themes of their music, they’re pushing the possibilities of what visual kei can encompass.

As well as a classic Visual Kei look and feel, Lacroix Despheres also add classical flavour to the mix. Their music features a symphonic, fully-orchestral sound, aided by their twin male and female vocalists, mixed chorus and the addition of having oboe and flute players as full members of the band.


Lacroix Despheres have got appearances at well-known Visual Kei venues such as the Meguro Rokumeikan and Takadanobaba’s AREA, plus Tokyo Cinema Club and Akasaka BLITZ under their belts. Their drummer, Sooru Tooru, won “Player” music Magazine’s annual MoveOn contest for his part in “Dernier Paradis act2”, leading to interviews, articles and reviews in magazines like CD Journal, Euro Rock Press, Cure and others.

In January 2015, they launched a crowdfunding campaign for their next production, the first for a Visual-kei style band, and exceeded their target hugely, with the results scheduled for release in November 2015.

Overseas, they’ve been well received by visual kei and symphonic metal fans, with airtime on various UK radio shows in June 2015. In addition, they were introduced in the Visual Kei booth at Belgium’s Atsusacon in July, and are looking forward to their first overseas performance at the upcoming HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!